New York Matrimonial Attorney, Stephen David Fink

The Offices of Stephen David Fink, Esq. are located in Forest Hills, Queens County, New York City, at 118-35 Queens Boulevard (Suite 1220) 11375. Our phone number is 718-261-5550 and the e-mail address is The office number is available 24 hours a day. The office is open from approximately 8:30 A.M. until 6:30 P.M.

Stephen Fink is a general practitioner with an emphasis on Matrimonial issues. He was admitted to the Bar of the State of New York in February of 1977 and has maintained his offices in Queens since that time. He also practices regularly in other counties in the Metropolitan area including Nassau, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. To complement his expertise in Matrimonial matters, Stephen Fink has extensive trial experience in Supreme Court cases in both Civil and criminal Law. He has also handled many appeals in the areas of Criminal Law, Civil Law, Matrimonial Law, and even Administrative reviews. He is admitted to the various Courts of the State of New York, including the Federal Courts. He is a member of various Bar associations including the American bar Association, and the Queens County Bar Association.

As an attorney Stephen Fink is frequently asked questions regarding Matrimonial and other matters. Generally, the prospective client should verify as much as possible the good standing of the attorney that is hired. For example a Matrimonial Lawyer must give the client a written retainer agreement as well as a "Client Rights statement." Fees should be of a reasonable nature and should usually be charged on a hourly basis. Your attorney should be available to you and should answer your phone calls promptly. You should be comfortable with the attorney you hire or find someone else.

Stephen Fink would be pleased to give any caller an free phone consultation to answer the various questions that the prospective client may have. An in depth interview can then be set up if necessary.

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